SYNOPSIS Enter the Horde's universe, freely inspired by Alain Damasio's sucess novel: La Horde du Contrevent. Face a hostile world, shaped by perpetual blasts.
Lead your Horde to reach the High-Upstream, the divinatory source of all winds.
Uniting their skills, nine walkers devoted to Counter Walk are yours to command.
Choose your path wisely and adapt your formation in order to survive each day.
Respect your Master's advices, and find your own way.
During Halts manage your group's experience, and ready them for the upcoming. The Wind hasn't risen yet this morning...I am faithfull. It is coming...

Vincent BECK Game & Level Designer 
Hugo HALLÉ Graphic Designer 
Julien BRILLET Programmer

Alvin CHAMBOST Game & Level Designer 
Adrien TUAL Graphic Designer 
Aurélien ARGOUD Programmer

Amaury MARQUISE Game & Level Designer 
Florent VILBERT Graphic Designer

Hélène GRANDMONTAGNE Programmer

Antony SARIAN Game & Level Designer 
Gaetan LUC Graphic Designer

Marie LAMURE Programmer

Dimitri LA SADE Game & Level Designer 
Yohan MONANGE Graphic Designer 
Geoffrey TURPIN Sound Designer
































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